Nike Vapor kit with aeroswift technology

Kit matters. It’s not just a uniform – it’s a weapon, and the players of England, France, Portugal, Poland, Turkey and Croatia will have an unfair advantage at this summer’s European Championship.

They’ll all be wearing Nike’s new Vapor kits – threads built for speed. Two years in the making, the torso-to-toe system will enable players to create history on the pitch, with zero distraction. Time to suit up for battle – let us talk you through the tech.


Nike’s design team tested hundreds of yarns before they found the right formula, and the players will thank them for it. The re-mastered material mops up sweat faster than Nike’s most recent football kits, while also drying faster. The hybrid fabric enables Nike to use less yarn, making them 10% lighter, with 50% more stretch than the kits they replace.

The souped-up shirts have been weaved together with AeroSwift technology – a combination of single and double knit; single where the athlete needs breathability, double where more structure is required. This blend will give the players a shirt that helps keep them cool and fits like a superhero’s costume.

If that wasn’t enough, each sleeve can be flipped up to reveal words of national pride knitted right in. On the inside of the jersey, underneath each crest, are nationally significant pride points that will be the last thing the player sees while pulling the shirt on before a match. We’re welling up.


It’s no good having a game-changing shirt if the players can’t move with freedom in their shorts. They need their legs to do the damage, so for the first time they will be knitted from the same yarn as the jersey. Previous shorts have always been woven, which is more restrictive, but Nike AeroSwift yarn provides the optimum combination of lightweight stretch and robust fit.

The players won’t have to fiddle about with a drawstring if they want to fasten them – a knitted mesh yoke at the back and a flat-finish waistband eliminates that. Just don’t pull them up like Simon Cowell.



When it comes to bossing the pitch, every detail counts – including your socks. To ensure their players can focus solely on performance, the Nike boffins have devised a pair of socks that eliminate distractions.

When the players pull these on they’ll benefit from NikeGRIP technology – a nanofiber that prevents unnecessary movement inside your boot. What’s more, they work in harmony with the sock liner in Nike Football boots to help prevent the foot from sliding within the boot. Clever, eh?